Song of Realizing The Way

by Yongjia Xuanjue (Jap. Yôka Genkaku) (d. 713)

This single, perfect nature pervades all natures;
the sole, universal Dharma encompasses all dharmas.
One moon shines in the water everywhere;
all the reflected moons are just that one moon.

The Dharma-body of all Buddhas suffuses your nature,
your nature inseparable from the Tathagata’s.
A single stage of awakening includes all stages,
transcending mind, matter, and activity.

All the teachings are fulfilled in the snap of the fingers;
in the blink of an eye, the regime of time ends.
Numbers, names, the whole list of negations—
what have they got to do with real awakening?

Beyond praise, beyond reproach,
like space itself, it has no bounds.
Never coming or going, it’s always full and clear,
but if you go looking for it, it won’t be found.

It can’t be acquired and can’t be lost,
only attained without attaining anything.
It speaks in silence and is silent in speech.
The great gift-gate stands open, unobstructed.