Sunday Dharma Talk: Jan 12th 4 pm

Master Pohwa Sunim will give a dharma talk at 4:00 pm Sunday Jan. 12th. All are welcome.

Zen master Pohwa Sunim’s lineage:  At the end of World War II, Korean master Mann Gong (1871–1946), proclaimed that Zen teachings should be transmitted worldwide. Consequently, his Dharma successor, Hye Am (1884–1985) brought lineage Dharma to the United States. Hye Am’s Dharma successor, Myo Vong founded the Western Son Academy (1976), and his Korean disciple, Pohwa Sunim, founded the World Zen Fellowship (1994) which includes the Potomac Zen Sangha and the Baltimore Zen Center.

San Miguel Meditation Center

Callejón Blanco 4