Meditation Center of San Miguel

We are a totally inclusive non-profit organization that grew out of a meditation group that began meeting in the Hotel Taboada in the summer 1995. After a few years, with changes in policy and membership, we became known as The Meditation Center of San Miguel. In June of 2002 we moved to our present location on Callejón Blanco 4. The Center is Buddhist oriented and open to all forms of silent, still meditation. Over the years meditators from many traditions and parts of the world have passed through San Miguel and sat with us.  Donations from programs, and general donations help keep the Center open. Programs are offered at no charge but donations are gratefully accepted.

Where we are

Located in the Bahio, or central plateau of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende is a 16th century cobblestoned city filled with colorful Spanish colonial architecture. The Meditation Center is located in a charming lane just an eight-minute walk from the central plaza, El Jardín. The Meditation Center is also only one block uphill from San Juan de Dios church and the nearby market with fruit and vegetable stands, country ladies selling tortillas, tamales, nopalitos (cactus), and vendors offering everything from flowers to cookware.

Come join us

While staying in San Miguel join our sangha in the mornings for walking and sitting meditation. Sit overlooking the small courtyard garden zen garden and flowering plants. Be with the rising and falling sounds of life in the city and neighborhood. Participate in day-long retreats when scheduled. Check the local English newspaper Atención for details of such events.