Meditation Center Zoom Session

For those who can’t come to the center because of Covid or for distance reasons, we are now doing a Zoom session at the same time as the Meditation Center. The session starts at 8:00 am Central Time and consists of the same 40 minute sitting session, 10 minute walking meditation session and another 40 minute sitting meditation session, ending at 9:30 am Central Time. As with the Meditation Center, you can join at any time and leave at any time. The Meditation Center has a camera set up that will allow you to see the Meditation gardens.

If you wish to join us, sent me an e-mail at ed.fladung (at) and I will send you the Zoom session connect address.

2 thoughts on “Meditation Center Zoom Session

  1. Please send me the zoom link. I hope to join these sessions – if/when I have an internet connection! Gracias, Marsha Gillespie

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